The Difference Between Industrial and Commercial Construction

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Construction plays a huge role in the United States economy, and there are many different types of construction. Commercial construction is the one that we hear about most often. Commercial construction involves the construction of homes and businesses. Commercial construction companies are who you would hire if you wanted to remodel your home, or build a new garage. Industrial construction companies are another type of construction company in the United States. Many people, if asked the difference between a commercial and an industrial construction company, would probably say that they didn’t know. This is because industrial construction does not play an apparent role in our day to day lives. Industrial construction companies are large companies which manufacture all of the building supplies needed to build and maintain large, industrial firms. Industrial construction companies work to build things like chemical plants, power plants, large factories, nuclear plants, sewage treatment plants, and other large industrial buildings.

Industrial construction is different from commercial construction in many ways. Building for large industrial plants is nothing like building a home. It is much more complex and requires very specific skill sets and a strong understanding of industrial building. Because industrial construction plants are creating materials for factories which deal with dangerous materials, there are very strict building regulations in place. These building regulations are very difficult to meet and require experts who can create materials which are up to code. One of the main reasons for the strict building regulations is that many of these plants will be holding dangerous and hazardous materials. Power plants, chemical plants, factories, sewage treatment plants, these are all examples of buildings which house materials which must be handled with extreme caution. The buildings that hold them must be very well built to ensure that there is no risk of collapse or any other problems which could jeopardize the safety of the people working there.

Aside from the strict building regulations, industrial construction companies must also create materials which will be used in the building, such as pipes. Pipe fabrication is actually a very complex tasks. In industrial facilities, pipes create complex webs which transport fluids from one location to the next. Not only do these pipes need to be properly laid out and attached to all of the right places, but they need to be built. Pipes are usually made from metal, and are made by forming the metal into a hollow tube which can transport fluids. Pipe fabrication is actually quite difficult, as you need to take into account the thickness of the pipe, how much can flow through it, and how much heat it can withstand. Pipes also need to be bent to be able to fit within an industrial facility. Pipe bending fabrication is the bending of pipes, and it takes a lot of thought to know exactly how much a pipe can be bent before you loose any of it’s use. Pipes, like the other aspects of a building, also must meet strict regulations.

As you can see, industrial construction and commercial construction are two very different types of construction.

Website design is important for your chiropractic practice

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Unfortunately for a number of companies, unless there is someone at the company who has the specific job of working on the company website and their online marketing, usually these things can be put off until they end up becoming much more problematic than they should be. Your company website is there to help your company make a good impression and attract new customers but if your company website has not been looked at or updated in the past year or so it is probably doing a bit more damage to your company than good. This is why it is always important to find an online marketing company or a professional website design company that can make sure that your company website and general online presence is up to the high expectation that it should be.

online marketingI would assume that we all know the importance of a good website but it might be worth repeating since no matter how much I write about this I still very often see companies with old and generally terrible websites. When possible customers are directed to your website, this is generally going to be the first impression that they get of your company. Our company websites have essentially replaced the importance of your company storefront in its ability to show customers who we are and why they should choose us. Within the first seven seconds that a customer looks at your company website they make the decision if they are going to stay on your website or move onto one of your competitors. That means that your company really does not have very long to make a good impression and capture the readers interest. They need to be able to easily read the website and find all of the information that they are looking for quickly and easily.

If you have a chiropractic practice for example, your website design needs to be able to relate a lot of information about your practice and the chiropractors that work at your practice without overloading the viewer with so much information that they get buried under it. This is where balancing visual design and usability can be particularly important. If someone designed your chiropractic website that did not have a lot of experience there might be a number of things missing that can really hurt your website. That is why I always suggest that when you build your first website or when you go back and do a bit of updating work on the website, you should make sure that the company or person who is handling your chiropractic web design has a lot of experience with web design and with chiropractic web design in particular if possible. This way you can make sure to have the best possible website to help your chiropractic practice grow and develop. If you rely on a website design company that does not have the level of experience and ideas that you would expect you are really shooting yourself in the foot and not helping your company as much as you might want to or should.

Precision Motion Systems in Surgeries

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Surgery is considered as an ancient medical specialty in the field of medicine.  It usually involves techniques and instruments on patients in order to correct a pathological condition such as diseases and injuries.  In addition, surgeries are performed in a controlled and sterile environment in order to prevent complications which can further harm the patient.  All surgeries involve invasive procedures which entail cutting through human body tissues and organs.

A breakthrough that is making a lot of waves in the medical world today is the development of robotic surgery.  Robotic surgery is a type of surgical procedure that is computer-assisted or robotically-assisted with the aim of overcoming human limitations and enhancing the capabilities of surgeons.  Through robotic surgery, surgeons are able to operate with greater surgical precision, enhanced visualization, increased range of motion, improved dexterity, and improved access to the surgical area.

Linear Motion Systems

motion control system in surgery

Robotic surgery entails the use robotic arms that are being mounted over the operation table.  The robotic arms literally handle surgical instruments such as blunt dissectors, retractors, graspers, and stabilizers during the operation while the surgeon sits at a computer station that directs the movement of the robotic arms.  The application of precision motion systems allows your surgeons to perform delicate procedures that weren’t previously possible and allows them access to certain areas in the surgical site that is not visible to the naked eye.

The main benefit that the medical field is able to achieve from robotic surgery is the ability to do very accurate and precise movements during the operation.  Through the use of precision motion control systems in the robotic component of the surgery, surgeons are now capable of making incisions up to a nanometer or one billionth of a meter.  This drastically decreases the chances of errors of surgeons when doing the operation.

This development brought by robotic surgery elevates the safety standard of surgeries that is done to every patient in the whole world.  Robotic-assisted surgeries also shorten the time of the normal surgical procedure and causes lesser trauma than the conventional surgical operation.  Lesser trauma during the operation leads to faster recovery time and shorter hospital stays for patients.  In addition, there is less scarring postoperatively since robotic surgery only uses small incisions in order to conduct the operation.

However, the introduction of computer-assisted surgeries was not easily accepted by all. Some experts worries that important non-verbal information that the patient’s body relays to the surgeon is eliminated during a robotic-assisted surgical procedure.  Manufacturers of medical robots incorporated sensors in the robotic components of their machines.  The sensors collects force feedback sensations from the surgery site during the whole operation which is constantly relayed to the operating surgeon through the computer screen. This information acts as a substitute for actually tactile sensation which is very important during an operation.

Lastly, robotic surgeries bring a whole new dimension into the medical world. Surgeons are now able to do remote, wireless surgical operations to patients in different hospitals without actually being in the surgery room physically.  The surgeon will just need to sit on a control room available in his hospital clinic and it will be wired to the robotic machine to another hospital.  This breakthrough means that skilled surgeons from other parts of the world can operate on a patient in another country without having to spend a lot of money on travel expenses.

Keeping a healthy mouth with good habits and visits to the dentist office

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People have had to face a number of different adaptations over the centuries in order to fit the new, massively extended expected lifespans. When people often died in their thirties, forties or fifties it was not really a problem to take care of your body in a way that would help it survive long term wear and tear. Now that people are living into their eighties, nineties and up to over one-hundred years old, people have to have a different care regiment throughout the span of their life to keep their body working in a way that is at least minimally functional by the time they hit the high up age.

One of the things that is important to take care with your body from birth to death are your teeth and gums. Your mouth is important for so many reasons and is all together necessary for you to have a proper and healthy digestive system. While dental technology has grown to a point where we can fit people with false teeth quite easily, nothing is as good as being able to keep your own natural set of teeth for the duration of your life. In order to protect your teeth and ensure their long term health, good dental habits must be installed into your every day life. The best time to start with this is of course when you are a child That is why pediatric dentists are so important. The men and women who work as pediatric dentists, along with the child’s parents are the people who can best teach a child how to properly brush and floss their teeth and the importance of good dental upkeep. Once those good habits are adapted by the child, hopefully they will last a lifetime and massively improve the overall dental health of the person.

family dentistIn addition to good brushing and flossing habits, the other important part of maintaining good oral health is to make sure to have an annual dentist visit to get a good cleaning and general check up. This allows your family dentist to spot any problems early on and hopefully prevent any serious problems from forming. If dental problems are left unattended for too long they can cause serious problems that are not only painful but usually quite expensive to repair. Most of the time once any sort of dental problem has gotten to the point where it is causing pain, it has already gotten quite far in the damage process. This is why it is never a good idea to put off going to the dental office until you are experiencing some sort of pain or discomfort.

Getting your teeth cleaned every year will also put off the development of cavities and all sorts of other gum or tooth problems. Of course most people will eventually have some sort of problem or another come up through their lifetime but with the right brushing and flossing habits, paired with timely visits to the dental office, you can prevent a number of painful, bothersome and expensive problems down the road. 

Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry

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Denver, CO 80224

What are the benefits of supply chain management software?

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supply chain management softwareWhen it comes to a business that operates out of a warehouse, supply chain management software is crucial to success. It is important to know what is coming in, when it is coming in, and how much is coming in. Some businesses are still operating with a paper based and hand written system that leaves a lot of room for human error. In this day and age there are many supply chain management softwares available that help to track inventory and improve accuracy, which can not only save you time, but it can also save you money. The newest supply chain management softwares are web based so that you can track and store all of your important inventory information online and access that information any time that you need it. With a web based supply chain management software you can cut down on both labor costs and shipping costs, while also improving efficiency, which can help you to improve many other aspects of your business. With a web based software you will save on valuable resources and have more time and energy to expend in other areas of your business operations.

Not all web based supply chain management softwares are created equally. Certain softwares are better designed for certain types of businesses. For example, if you operate a restaurant or grocery store you would want to look for a software that is specifically designed to manage food inventory. This can help you to better manage expiration dates and help you to cut down on wasted inventory. If you operate a retail based business, there are softwares available that can help you to track sales trends so that you can move things on and off your shelves more quickly. A supply chain management software can help you to track sales trends so that you can order more of the products that are selling well and less of the products that are not selling so well, that way you can free up your shelf space and focus more on well selling products without needing to eliminate those products that are not selling well right now. With a web based system you will have access to all of the information that you need at any time that you need it. That means that when you are meeting with clients you have better access to the information you need to answer their tough or random inventory questions.

Sphere WMS is a web based supply chain management software system that can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of your business. They speak your language so that they can design a system and software for you that is easy to navigate and understand. Additionally, with Sphere WMS there is no need to worry about IT costs and maintenance, because they will handle all of that stuff for you. With traditional supply chain management softwares there are often expensive installation fees and lengthy installation times. With Sphere WMS you will not have to deal with any of that. They are quick and efficient!


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About once a year, usually around spring cleaning time, the necessity arises to take a trip to the storage facility. You have to gather up all the winter gear that you will store over the summer months, plus take out some of your summer fun stuff which has been collecting dust since the start of winter. Going to the storage unit is not so bad and you can make it even better by turning it into an event that the whole family can participate in.

Start at the home and get the whole family together for spring cleaning. Give your kids each their won boxes and see who can fill them with the most stuff which they will not need during summer. Then have the whole troop bring all their stuff to a common area where parents can review what their kids have selected to make sure that it they are not sending anything away that they might need later on. After each member has their boxes loaded up and ready for storage, take the whole family with you down to your self storage rental unit and start the process of unloading the contents of the storage unit for reorganization. You can make this into a kind of treasure hunt by giving the kids certain items to look for as the unit is taken apart. This is a fun activity for the smaller ones and a big help for you because there might be a lot of stuff packed away that you had forgotten about and which might be brought back into the light and proven useful.

Once the old stuff has been unpacked and the new stuff is ready to go in, make another game for the kids by giving them each a section of the storage unit and seeing who can best organize their things into their space. You might offer a prize to the child who can take up the least amount of space with their things. Again, this organizational game can be fun and thought provoking for the children and a grand help to you.

While you are with your family at the storage facility make sure and check that all of your stored items are still in good shape. Look for signs of mold or water damage and make sure to notify an employee if you find anything that causes concern. After everything has been put in order and you have all the stuff you came to get out of the unit packed up to go, just lock up tight and your done.

Back at the house, encourage your kids to try and organize their spaces with the things they have just taken from storage in the most efficient manner possible. Going to the storage facility is a task that must be done once and a while but nobody said it had to be work and by doing it with the entire family you can turn it into a fun day spent together with the people you most love.



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  1. Radon testing . Radon is not a man made chemical but rather a naturally occurring element in nature. Radon gas is formed when radioactive materials such as uranium start to break down below the surface of the earth. The gas from radon can find its way into people’s drinking water and the air in our homes. Radon is now considered to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in this country, only surpassed by cigarette smoking and it is also believed to cause a whole list of other repertory health problems. Radon is odorless and colorless which makes it especially dangerous as many families might be living in a home that is being contaminated with radon and have no idea about the danger they are exposed to. The best way to protect your family from radon exposure is to have a radon inspection done at your home or place of business. The radon inspections are easy and affordable and if there are active radon elements detected, there are options for contamination to be removed and/or isolated and the risk of endangering your family lowered.
  2. Mold inspection. Mold often times goes undetected but a person might be alerted to the presence of mold if they smell a wet, earthy smell in their homes or if they are experiencing sudden allergy symptoms when they have never suffered from allergies before. Mold inspection is a broad line of testing that is aimed at finding any type of mold that might be growing in a person’s home. Mold testing will help identify many types of mold, some of which are extremely detrimental to a person’s health.  Some types of mol may cause structural damage to a home or office building but may not directly affect the people inside. Other strains of mold can cause serious problems to the human body and in extreme cases even death. You should be especially cautious to the presence of mold in your house if you have had any sort of water leak in the past 5 years or if your home is subjected to higher than usually levels of rain moisture. Having mold testing done in your home will help identify the location and type of mold you have and what steps should be taken to eliminate the mold’s presence.
  3. A general home inspection. When it comes time to buy a new home, you are going to want to take every step you can to assure the safety and integrity of your future property ad a big part of this is having a general home inspection done before you buy. A general home inspection includes inspections of the entire property and a standard check for the most common types of problems that properties have. An electrical, chemical and foundation inspection are part of a general overview of a property that can help to spot any potential problems before you start signing papers. The chances are that you are going to have a general home inspection done at some time or another during the ownership of your property so you may as well have it done before you or your family ever start living there.



Denver has many new and used cars available.

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When you think about buying a car, it may be a Ferrari or a Porsche or a car that can go zero to sixty in four seconds.  However, then the dream ends and you have to realize that there is a limit to what you can afford and what you may want to buy.  Nevertheless, we live in a time and an age where you can simply go about your business and learn all of the options that are available to you in the car buying market.  Each of the places out there have quite a selection and it is up to you to figure out what works well for you and your family. As part of this process, it is encouraging to think about a few things in particular.  You really want to make sure that you have all of the money lined up for this event.  Money is a peculiar thing because when you think you have enough, you probably don’t.  IN the same vein, if you do have enough, you can do just about anything that you would want to do.

used carsNevertheless, let’s talk about the financing for a car.  When financing a car there are a few things to look out for.  This is especially the case when you are looking to finance a new car. The things to keep in mind, are generally around the fact that there are many hidden costs.  For example, a friend of mine recently went out and bought a brand new Nissan Altima for $21,500.  This was a great deal because it had a list price of closer to $28,000.  He was as able to trade in his old, beat up Subaru Outback and this was able to save him quite a bit of money.  Nonetheless, in doing so, he ultimately had to figure out how to pay somewhere close to $19,000.  He was fortunate to be able to make a down payment of $10,000, but then you have to factor in taxes.  Taxes are based off of where you live and not where you buy the car.  As a result, taxes added quite a bit more money and he ended up having to finance somewhere close to $12,000.  This is not a lot but it does mean that he will ultimately have to pay somewhere around $300 a month for the next six years.  That is a lot of money over a long period of time.

If he were to do it again, I think that he might try and consider the limitations in financing a car and would probably go to a place like O’Meara Ford Center to find a cheaper car there. They have a ton of new and used cars available and that could mean a lot of someone that is trying to decide what kind of car they may want to drive in the future. Lots of Denver dealerships have this kind of selection and that ultimately makes it a lot easier on the person that is looking to buy a car.

O’meara Ford Center – Service

400 West 104th Avenue

Northglenn, CO 80234

(303) 254-5020

Cannabis Testing is Important to Medical Marijuana Users

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Smoking Marijuana has been a popular activity for years among young adults and some older adults. It has been an illegal drug for recreational use that has been somewhat easy to get if one has the right connections. It is known to have psychological affects that people often refer to as a “high.” It can create feelings of euphoria and sometimes paranoia. Some people can do strange things that they would not normally do. Some people who are typically very shy might say and do things totally out of character for them. A lot of people love the feeling and the mood altering affect that is often created. However, some of the affects can have medical symptoms such as rapid heart rate, slowed reactions, coordination problems, memory loss, sometimes panic attacks, and perhaps an increase in appetite. Marijuana has been around for years and is very popular. Cannabis testing is a very important topic. When the science behind the substance supports the medical use of marijuana and can state in scientific terms, it becomes a lot easier to support the use of medical marijuana.

Since cannabis has been an illegal drug but seems to be easy to get, many people have been proponents of legalizing the drug. The good part of the drug is that it seems to be helping a lot of people with severe medical problems and diseases. It has been legalized for medical use in 18 states and has been legalized for recreational use in 2 states which are Washington and Colorado. The problem is that even though it is legal at the state level it’s never been legalized at the Federal level. So even though Washington and Colorado have legalized it, the Feds could still raid a pot grower’s facility and take everything and put them in jail.

Medical marijuana is strictly for people who respond positively when nothing else medically seems to work. In the states that have legalized it for medicinal purposes, it has a positive effect.Cannabis Science All medical marijuana needs to be tested after the concentration becomes an oil for medicinal purposes. The test labs at Cannlabs can do the job for you. They take the prescribed dosage and make sure that the patient gets exactly what is needed. It is tested to make sure that there is no chemical residue left in the formula. Cannlabs is very careful and precise when it comes to the proper dosage and purity of the product. They are concerned that the patient gets exactly what they need and no more. It’s very important that the formula be very clean also and no chemical residue is left. When Cannabis testing is taking place, it is very important to get it right. People’s lives are at stake. If there was chemical residue left, it could actually leave the patient worse that before they got the drug. Most people who take medicinal marijuana, are very happy knowing that their medical marijuana dosage has been tested and is found to be completely safe.

How to best maintain your garage doors.

Posted by lincoln Deffenbaugh on September 1, 2014 in A7, garage door repair with Comments closed | a garage door completely stops functioning, it can be incredibly frustrating.  It means you might have to put all of your weekend plans on hold so you can address the issue.  Fortunately, before you ever get to the point where your garage door completely stops working, there are steps you can take to prevent it.  Maintaining your garage doors is important.  The doors of your garage are an extension of your home.  You wouldn’t forget to make sure that your water is working properly, or that your air conditioner is functioning before the summer, so you shouldn’t forget to make sure that your garage doors are working also.

There are some things you can check by yourself.  The first thing you can check by yourself are the rollers on the garage.  They connect the garage door to the track and allow it to easily roll up and down.  If any of them are cracked, be sure to repair them or replace them.  You can also check the status of the springs on your garage door.  If they look rusty or old, lubricate them.  If they still don’t look great, you can consider replacing them entirely.  Another aspect you can check yourself is the sensors on your garage door.  They are the little electronic things at the base of the garage door that keep it from closing or opening if something is blocking the way.  Most of them have a small light on them if they are working properly.  If they don’t have that light, check the cords that are connecting them.

There are some things that require contacting a garage door service company.  For example, in order to maintain your garage door opener, you need the professionals.  They will be able to take it apart, check for any issues, and make sure that it is functioning properly.  It is important to repair and maintain the garage door opener regularly.  If it begins making sounds and it is not checked on, it may fail entirely.  Another aspect that the professionals can take care of for you relates to the electrical wiring.  This can be a dangerous job, so leaving it to trained professionals is the wisest decision.

The bottom line is that garage doors are just like every other part of your home.  They should be regularly maintained and checked on to ensure that they will continue to function properly for the coming years.  Garage doors can also be a hazard.  If, for example, it starts opening and closing by itself, or if it falls off of the track that it is on, it can lead to serious injury for someone standing underneath it.  Your best bet is to contact a garage door repair company and to have them do the maintenance check for you.  They will know about the type of garage door that you have, and will thus be able to identify any issues.  Because they know the type of garage door you have, they will be able to identify issues that are concurrent with your model.  Maintain your garage doors to keep them working great.

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